Protein Mask – Must have treatment!!

We use and retail many different treatment masks in the salon but never have we seen such an improved difference in clients hair after one application!! ……. and what is the miracle product??

KeraStraight Protein Mask – we initially got this this treatment in as part of our KersStraight range but we now use it on all clients for a treatment which gives instant results.

Intense Boost by KeraStraight is an exciting and revolutionary in-salon service to delight all clients. Intense Boost utilises KeraStraight’s latest ground breaking technology. The mask  has been designed to repair, re-hydrate and renew hair from the inside out. It  has been formulated using the same world leading protein technology as KeraStraight. This treatment rebuilds what the hair lacks and locks in moisture and strength for up to 30 days.

Try the intensive treatment next time you are in the a salon for only £12. We also retail the mask to allow the clients to continue the results at home. The mask can be used in 2 different ways either blow-dried into the hair then rinsed or left on the hair for 20 minutes for deep nourishment before rinsing.

Product Review – Pureology Essential Repair

Holly’s Pureology Review

After having the KeraStraight treatment I used the recommended maintain Shampoo and Conditioner  for three months. I found these products nice but the Shampoo does not lather as much as I am used to (I feel the hair is cleaner with a good lather maybe that is just me!) I was therefore keen to use new products. I have had the Pureology used on my hair many times in the salon but it was keen to try some at home. I opted for the Essential Repair as my hair is quite dry and had been damaged from over processing in the past. It also features the anti-fade complex which I look for in products to help my colour last longer.

What the Pureolgy say….

Help distressed, colour-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy with ZeroSulfate shampoos containing the exclusive AntiFadeComplexOur 100% vegan, highly repairing formulas infuse colour-treated strands with targeted strength.


Pros -leaves the hair silky soft, smells AMAZING!, features anti-fade complex to lock in colour.

Cons -may be a bit heavy for finer hair types or those who do not like soft hair.

Over all I love the Essential Repair! I would say it is similar to REDKEN All Soft but has the added benefit of helping to lock the colour in. It also lathers up much easier with adding more water not more product. It feels more luxurious and if you have dry unruly hair I would give it a try.